Speedtouch on M0n0wall


M0n0wall is an embedded firewall based on FreeBSD.


To add support to the speedtouch modem (PPPoA), I have written some patchs to allow its configuration from the m0n0wall interface. The drivers comes from the speedtouch project.


To be able to upload firmware > 6MB, this firmware must be uploaded first (for net48xx) : net48xx-1.11-big.img
Working firmware for net48xx (with ssh server) : net48xx-1.11-big-ssh-speedtouch.img
Speetouch package to use with m0n0wall utilities : m0n0-speedtouch.tgz
PHP scripts patch (apply to m0n0wall 1.11) : m0n0-speedtouch.patch


Upload net48xx-1.11-big.img firmware then reboot.
Upload net48xx-1.11-big-ssh-speedtouch.img firmware then reboot.
Go to the WAN page on the m0n0wall interface, select PPPoA, enter connexion username, password.
Then you can choose between pppoa2 and pppoa3 (for me only pppoa2 works).
Enter your VPI and VCI (see in the speedtouch project documentation.
Finally enter the speedtouch firmware (mgmt.o or alcaudsl.sys) file path to be uploaded (To do only once after the m0n0wall firmware upgrade)
Save the configuration

For the moment, when PPPoA connection is lost, the system may restart, I don't know (yet) how to do it without rebooting. If you know how to do this, contact me :) .


JID/Email : dax at happycoders dot org